Deluxe After Shave Lotion (500ml) Lumunu Schutzpatron, Protective Care for Women and Men

  • Never again suffer from pimples after shaving! Our after-shave lotion Schutzpatron has an anti-inflammatory effect, soothes the skin and helps regenerating after a straining shave
  • Our Schutzpatron is skin-friendly and particularly suitable for the care of sensitive areas of skin such as armpits, bikini zone or genital areas. It moisturizes the shaved skin for a long time
  • The natural ingredients feel great on your skin and moisturize it without leaving an unpleasant greasy film on it
  • Quality product from Germany, developed and produced in Germany. Our Schutzpatron is vegan and produced without prior animal experiments in compliance with the guidelines of the German Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • Thanks to the high-quality pump dispenser the after-shave lotion can be very easily dosed. Due to the neutral scent our after-shave lotion is suitable for women and men

Deluxe after-shave lotion Schutzpatron, by Lumunu passion products

The skin is strained by daily shaves; consequently redness and irritations – the so-called shaving burn – frequently show up. Apart from the visual appearance the pimples and skin irritations will disturb your well-being after the shave as they lead to burning and itching and may even cause skin inflammations. Our skin-friendly after-shave lotion Schutzpatron soothes the skin after the shave, prevents irritations and redness and moisturizes it. 

The entirely vegan lotion is made of purely natural ingredients.

Peppermint oil will cool and soothe the skin after the shave. Body’s own Q10 smoothens the skin so that it will be as elastic as the skin of youngsters. The natural urea has a strong moisturizing effect, while particularly dry and rough skin is made silky-smooth by high-quality pure avocado. Natural vitamin E protects from free radicals. Due to its soothing and regenerating effect jojoba oil is considered as proper natural remedy from sunburns, other burns and skin irritations and is therefore especially adequate for the skin care after a shave.

Considering the purely natural vegan ingredients of our Schutzpatron you needn’t worry to use it for the care of sensitive body areas after they have been shaved, e.g. armpits, bikini zone or genital area. Due to its neutral scent it is suitable for men and women.

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