Detox Organic Green Coffee 700g (for coffee enema)

  • 100% natural organic green coffee for detoxification
  • highest quality
  • for liver detoxification
  • for strengthening the immune system and increasing the well-being

Detox Organic Green Coffee is produced from selected green coffee beans of the highest quality. These coffee beans come from certified organic cultivation and are subject to strict quality controls. (EU Regulation (EC) no. 834/2007). Our product is pure granules, free from fine particles. This product quality is delivered thanks to a specially developed production process split into different manufacturing stages. Our gentle manufacturing process helps to preserve the valuable ingredients of green coffee. We work without additives. Detox Organic Green Coffee is a 100% pure natural product of the highest quality. Important note: Before you decide to conduct detoxification with Detox Organic Green Coffee, please consult your doctor or non-medical practitioner. This information sheet does not replace a medical consultation. Pregnant women and children shall not conduct an enema.

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