HealthAid CystiCare for Healthy Urinary System, 60 Vegan Tablets

  • Helps with symptoms of cystitis
  • Ideal for those who are prone to yeast infections
  • Helps reduce water retention and remove toxins from the body
  • Provides nutritional support during PMS
  • Has calming and relaxing properties

Health Aid Cysticare provide support for a healthy urinary system.

HealthAid Cysticare tablets are specially formulated using natural and top quality herbal extracts that are refined and purified for maximum absorption and utilisation by the body. The goodness of Cranberries is blended with other herbal ingredients to make Health-Aid Cysticare the perfect supplement for women to help maintain a healthy urinary system.

Cysticare tablets may help eliminate or reduce symptoms related to urinary tract disorders or infections, such as;
•A strong persistent urge to urinate

•A burning sensation when urinating

•Passing frequent, small amounts of urine

•Pain in the lower part of your abdomen or lower back

•Blood in the urine (hematuria) or cloudy, strong-smelling urine

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