Organic Soothing & Settling Baby Bedtime Bath Wash 250ml

  • A gentle blend with calming lavender
  • A delicate blend of natural and organic ingredients
  • Soothes and settles your baby naturally
  • Soil Association & Vegetarian Society approved
  • Free from parabens, silicons, SLS

Each product has been labeled according to their key benefits, whether they’re best for Soothing, Settling or Comforting your baby. Baby Bedtime Bath Wash encapsulates all these benefits even though it has just been included in the Soothing & Settling ranges. It has been proven that a nightly bath is an effective way to start a bedtime routine. Establishing a routine will help your baby develop excellent sleep patterns and settle down for the night with less fuss. Perfect for use before bedtime, our Baby Bedtime Bath Wash has a delicate aroma that will encourage your baby to place their little heads down to rest, promoting a calm that will last well into the night. Natural and organic with a gentle blend of lavender, our Baby Bedtime Bath Wash will relax your baby right at the start of their nightly routine. Used alongside our gentle bedtime routine guide, you’re sure to notice even greater results.

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