Pure & Soft 80 g Fairtrade Round Cotton Wool Pads

  • 80 round cotton wool pads
  • fairtrade cotton wool
  • ideal for make up removal
  • Made from 100 percent pure cotton
  • Suitable for the most delicate skin
  • Ideal for all cosmetic, baby and healthcare needs
  • Soil association certified
  • Fairtrade and organic

The cotton wool used in these buds is made from Fairtrade certified cotton which is grown by small-scale farmers in India. The cotton is planted and picked by hand. Fairtrade certification gives small-scale cotton farmers in the developing world a fair and stable price and the additional Fairtrade premium which enables them to invest in community development projects. Pure & Soft 80 Fairtrade cotton wool pads are ideal for all your cosmetic baby and healthcare needs and are suitable for the most delicate skin.

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