Sevenhills Wholefoods Organic New Zealand Wheatgrass Powder 500g, Soil Association certified organic

  • New Zealand wheatgrass is a premium variety regarded as one of the most nutritious
  • Harvested when 30 days old to capture maximum nutrition
  • Rich in protein, dietry fibre, vitamins and minerals
  • 100% pure, UK Soil Association certified Organic, Vegan Society registered, allergen free, gluten free
  • Recommended by Ella Woodward, ‘Deliciously Ella’ – “It’s so nice to find a brand that you can trust, and Sevenhills Wholefoods has been my go-to for a while.”

Wheatgrass is the young, leafy growth of the Wheat plant. It is renowned globally as a dietary supplement, thanks to its wide range of nutrients. Wheatgrass is rich in protein, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. It is valued as a source of Vitamin A, several B vitamins, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, plus a range of minerals including Iron and Zinc. Sevenhills Wholefoods Wheatgrass is grown in New Zealand. It is harvested at less than 30cm tall. It is immediately transported to a dehydration plant, where its moisture is reduced to about 4%. It is milled to powder. Sevenhills Wholefoods New Zealand Wheatgrass is packed in the UK.

Why buy from Sevenhills Wholefoods? Sevenhills Wholefoods only sells superfoods of the highest quality. We source directly from producers, so we’re always in touch with where our products are grown and processed. Our direct supply line and online-only availability, mean that our customers benefit from the best possible prices. We like to think of ourself as a virtual farmer’s market for superfoods, a no-frills way of buying great foods at the best prices.

Ingredients: Organic New Zealand Wheatgrass powder, certified by the Soil Association (GB-ORG-005) and registered by the Vegan society.

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