Alva Daily Care Organic Roll On Deodorant Coconut & Lime – 50 ml

  • Effective protection against body odor and underarm sweat
  • Very kind to the skin, very mild
  • Alcohol-free
  • Protects up to 24 h

alva’s alcohol-free roll-on deodorant protects for up to 24 hours from body odour and underarm sweat. With crystal salts, aloe vera, comfrey and camomile extract, this deodorant won’t irritate your skin. To avoid mixed aromas, the perfume is coordinated with the shower gels and body lotions. Pure potassium alum makes this product extremely effective and still so mild.

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Alva Organic Him Intensive Crystal Deodorant Spray 75ml

  • Designed for sports people and those who perspire heavily
  • With aloe vera and comfrey
  • Alcohol and aluminium free
  • Also free of parabens and harmful chloride compounds
  • It soothes the sensitive underarm area whilst maintaining freshness

Effective aluminium-free deodorant spray designed for men. Curbs odours for up to 24 hours.

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Alva Organic 50ml Crystal Sensitive Deodorant Roll On

  • The hypoallergenic alternative for sensitive skin
  • Neutral unfragranced alcohol free and aluminium free deodorant
  • Effectively fights odour with Himalayan crystal salt and ammonium alum
  • Offering 24 hour protection with no white residue and staining
  • Extremely gentle on the skin

Roll-on-deodorant with aloe vera & comfrey for people with sensitive skin. Alcohol and aluminium free.

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