500ml Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil Raw Pure Virgin Cold Pressed Undrefined 100% Natural

  • Organic Certified Black Cumin Oil
  • 100% Natural Organic, No Additived and Preservatives
  • Only Sun-Ripened Egyptian Seeds Of The Genuine Black Cumin Are Used
  • Virgin, Cold Pressed, Unrefined To Preserve The Best Quality And Purity
  • Promotional Price – Only Limited Time

Organic Raw Black Seed Cumin Oil FeelGood-Sale Organic Black Seed Oil is extracted from the finest sun-ripened Egyptian seeds and cold pressed to preserve the best quality and purity. The taste is slightly bitter, intense spicy aroma. The colour varies from honey to dark brown. It contains about about 58% Omega 6, 25% Omega 9, and less than 1% of Omega 3, also vitamin E, A , sterols, biotin, and trace elements. In dietary use it should be used for cold dishes, as an addition to salads, soups, sauces, cottage cheese, groats, etc. It gives the dishes a spicy taste.

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Authentic Oil co Castor oil 500ml Cold Pressed Carrier for Massage Aromatherapy Hair Beauty

  • 100% pure Castor oil Organic Grade
  • Comes in amber bottle to extend shelf life

100% Pure Castor Oil cold pressed is used by therapists and customers all over the world. Used in aromatherapy, massage and other wonderful treatments. Our oil is perfect as a carrier oil or used simply on its own. Can be used for the treatment of Brittle, dry and damaged hair. Helps to nourish and moisturise the skin. It can be added to your bath as a wonderful nourishing bath oil. This really is the best quality oil from a trusted Uk supplier

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Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Baby Oil – Certified Organic 100ml

  • Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
  • Certified Organic
  • Natural Coconut
  • Organic Coconut Baby Oil

** Certified Organic ** This wonder oil is made from the highest quality organic cold pressed coconut oil specially selected to care for your little one’s delicate skin. As with most of Coco Veda’s products, the baby oil will go hard when not in use due to being made with natural cold pressed coconut. Simply place the bottle in a glass of warm water to use.

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