Pure Tea Tree essential oil 10 ml 0,33 oz 100 % natural, undiluted, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Australia, Therapeutic grade, brown glass bottle, uses for stress relief, headaches, calming, best antiseptic, hair loss growth dandruff strengthening, freshen rooms, home fragrances, natural insect and mosquito repellent, great for beauty, aromatherapy, relaxation, diffuser, aroma lamps, for cosmetic, shampoo, soap, making candles, scented oils, paraben, alcohol, cruelty free, by AROMATIKA

  • Treat your health and beauty with special care with the help of natural essential oils.
  • Best Tea Tree essential oil uses for stress relief, headaches, calming, best antiseptic, hair loss growth dandruff strengthening, freshen rooms, home fragrances, natural insect and mosquito repellent, great for beauty, aromatherapy, relaxation, massage, diffuser. And have various valuable and healing qualities.
  • Pure essential oil can be mixed with other essential or base oils.
  • For more details please refer to the works on aromatherapy.
  • Make the right choice and protect your health and beauty.

Name: Tea Tree Essential Oil
Natural: 100 % pure oil
Latin name: Оleum Melaleuca Alternifolia
Ingredients INCI: Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil
Volume: 10 ml (0.33 oz)
Origin country: Australia

Aroma: fresh, cold, bitter, balsamic, camphor, a little spicy smell with cardamom and nutmeg notes.
Characteristics: It is good antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory.
It helps to remove body toxins. It relieves nervous tension and anxiety. It is a powerful stimulator of mental activity.
It has also a wound-healing effect. In case of an insect bite -it helps to quickly lessen the irritation, itching, redness and edema. It strengthens hair and has antidandruff effect.
Application: for aromatherapy and oil enrichment of beauty aids.

Ways of using, dosage:

  • Common massage, segmental: 4-7 drops per 15 ml of vegetable base oil;
  • Diffuser: 1-3 drops per 1-2 liters of water;
  • Aroma lamp: 4-7 drops per 15 ml of water for square of 15 m2;
  • Cosmetics enrichment: 4-7 drops per 15 ml of base (cream, shampoo, gel, liquid soap, etc.);
  • Common aroma bath: 7-10 drops previously mixed with the emulsifier (1 / 4-1 / 3 cup of milk, cream or sea salt).

    For external use. Must be individually tested. Avoid overdosing. Avoid contact with eyes. If oil gets into eyes, rinse them with plenty of water. Keep out of the reach of children. If pregnant or lactating consult your health care practitioner before using.

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Shade All-Natural Sunscreen Mineral Sun Cream SPF25, 100% Natural Only 4 Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Unrefined Beeswax, Cosmetic Grade Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, Tested to EU Standards, Non-Toxic, Suitable for All Skin Types and All Ages, Babies and Children.

  • Tested to European ISO Standards for broad spectrum effectiveness (UVA & UVB) and SPF Verification
  • Suitable for all skin types of all ages, does not irritate sensitive skin, can be used by people with skin allergies, is soothing, nourishing and moisturising.
  • No chemicals at all – no parabens, alcohol, lanolin, methylchloroisothiazolinine, methylisothiazolinine, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, phthalates, artifical perfumes, petrochemicals or colourants.
  • Non-Nano Zinc Oxide used which sits as a physical barrier to the sun, relecting it from the skin’s surface. Zinc Oxide is the most effective broad spectrum sun protection you can get, yet it is also the safest.
  • Only 4 natural, skin-nourishing ingredients, nothing more, nothing less. We use Organic Virgin Coconut oil, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Unrefined Beeswax and non-nano cosmetic grade zinc oxide only!

Winner of Janey Lee Grace’s Platinum Award for Best Natural Sunscreen 2015 Nowadays, there are too many dangerous chemicals that have found their way into mainstream sunscreens, and they in turn have found their way through our skin – into us! If we’re trying to avoid skin cancer, why would we use chemicals which are proven to cause it? That simply doesn’t make sense. At an ideal SPF25, with only 4 ingredients to moisturise and protect skin from the broadest spectrum of damaging UVA and UVB rays, ShadeTM has been developed to keep our skin naturally healthy whilst blocking rays that can burn and cause sun damage. Tested to European ISO24443 and ISO24444 standards. We Need the Sun! There is no doubt that we need to protect our skin from the sun, but by the same token, we need some sun to generate an essential nutrient which helps to prevent cancer – Vitamin D. Getting sun is the only way our bodies will make it for ourselves, so we spend some sensible time in the sun, making use of hats and light clothing BUT if we can’t avoid prolonged exposure, we ensure we take our ShadeTM with us! Suitability Suitable for all skin types of all ages. Naturally Occurring Zinc Clumping Effect: You may also see your cream turn from a smooth surface to a rather mottled looking surface if you don’t use it up quickly. This again is a natural occurrence and is when zinc oxide crystals attract one-another because of their polarity, and hang out together in a ‘clumping’ effect. If this occurs, simply rub the cream into your skin really well when you apply it. Application: Apply generously at least 15min before exposure to the sun, and then reapply regularly at least every 2 – 3 hours or after exposure to water or after sweating. If the cream is hard, rub the surface vigourously to soften it.

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(5 Bars) 100% ORGANIC Hand Poured Beeswax – 30g each – Premium Quality, Cosmetic Grade, Triple Filtered Bees Wax

  • Great for body lotion, lip balm, skin care products, craft and hobby uses
  • 5 Bars – 30g each approx. Perfect for smaller jobs
  • Cosmetic safe and tested. Collected from unsprayed and unfertilized fields
  • Triple filtered, highest quality Beeswax available

These golden LiveMoor beeswax bars are carefully hand poured using triple filtered beeswax collected from our apiaries. We do not spray or use any type of pesticides anywhere near our bees and these bars match the standards of certified organic quality beeswax. This is some of the highest quality beeswax available anywhere. These bars have a wonderful smell and texture and are perfect for candles, soap making, lip balms, skin care products, body lotions, cosmetics, arts & crafts and hundreds of other uses. We supply our wax to many happy customers. Perfect for smaller jobs where you don’t need a huge block of wax.

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