Tiddley Pom Organic Baby Wash 200ml – with English Essential Oils, Chamomile and Aloe Vera

  • MADE FROM SPECIAL BLEND OF ENGLISH ESSENTIAL OILS; chamomile and lavender oils relax and calm baby
  • CAREFULLY BLENDED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS; safely soothes and protects skin leaving it soft and clean
  • CLEANSING INGREDIENT USED IS LAURYL BETAINE; mildly removes oil based dirt and debris from skin
  • FORMULATED BY BABY SKIN CARE EXPERTS FROM THE UK; sourced by best growers; recommended by mums

Moisturise and soften your babys skin naturally. The baby skin experts at Tiddley Pom have formulated a liquid organic baby wash that refreshes and protects babies skin. A precise blend of gentle and nourishing ingredients results in healthy skin for your child. We use only mild and vegetable derived cleansing agents which soothe as well as clean.

Our baby wash contains aloe Vera juice powder which has both soothing and antioxidant qualities. Aloe Vera has some healing properties and is often used for soothing burns, minor wounds, and rashes. It can also help relieve itching from a bug bite. It has a high water content which assists in hydrating, moisturising, and rejuvenating the skin keeping your baby soft.

The unique properties found in lavender and chamomile essential oils also protect and soothe sensitive skin. Chamomile is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, bactericidal and sedative. It is also one of the most gentle essential oils so perfect for babies sensitive skin. Lavender is known for it is calming and relaxing qualities as well as its pleasant fragrance.

After many years of experience in the skincare and cosmetic industries, Tiddley Pom was founded to provide a new level of natural baby skincare products. Our baby wash is one of the organic baby products we offer. It uses Soil Association Certified ingredients which means it is safer to use. We only buy from the best growers for our natural ingredients. SLS and Paraben Free.

Bond with your baby whilst you provide a calming and relaxing experience for your child. Help make bathing an enjoyable activity for your new addition. Baby will start looking forward to baths instead of fighting them. It is relaxing for the child and for mum and dad too!

Created by experts, approved by professionals and recommended by mums

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Pacific Shaving Company Pre Shave Exfoliating Wash

  • Natural bamboo exfoliates skin
  • Willow bark extract (natural salicylic acid) helps control blemishes
  • · Aloe soothes and moisturizes
  • Using safe, natural and organic ingredients, our shaving products have you covered before, during and after your shave.
  • A ridiculously great shave.

A great shave begins even before you pick up your razor!Exceptionally clean skin prepares your face for an exceptionally smooth shave. Now, with this Pre-Shave Exfoliating Wash, you can remove dead skin cells, clean and moisturise in one simple step. Gentle enough to use every day, its unique blend of safe and natural ingredients – including bamboo, willow bark, and aloe is ideal for all skin types. Natural bamboo exfoliates skin Willow bark extract helps control blemishes Aloe soothes and moisturises

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Rose Geranium Organic Face, Hand & Body Wash, Shower Gel, Liquid Soap, Handmade. Vegan. Natural Skin Care. 250ml

  • Organic Rose Geranium Soap. Handmade using Certified Organic Ingredients including Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera. 99% Natural. 82% Certified Organic Ingredientsnut Oil and Aloe Vera. 99% Natural. 82% Certified Organic Ingredients
  • This is no ordinary wash. It has a large percentage of organic essential oil which, added to its Glycerine base makes it deeply cleansing without drying and wonderful for normal skin as well as all kinds of different skin conditions.
  • Handmade with the finest, purest certified organic ingredients. FREE OF Sulphate, SLS, Parabens, Parfum, Colours
  • This Wash naturally hydrates while it cleanses leaving your face and body soft and glowing with health. You may find you don’t need a moisturiser but if you do try a Rich one for dry skin or a Light one for all other skin types.
  • FREE SHIPPING IN THE UK. Not Tested On Animals. Vegetable Origin. Suitable for vegetarians/vegans

New Dawn Organic Rose Geranium Wash Range No:2 Handmade using Certified Organic Ingredients including Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Coconut Oil & Aloe Vera. If you have not used our products before, we recommend that before you buy large sizes try our small sizes or sample packs. Our sampling service allows you to try the products which have achieved the most positive customer feedback for your specific skin condition. These enable you to test your unique skin for sensitivity issues and sample the aromas without having to buy the full sizes. They often last long enough to see at least the beginnings of an improvement with many skin conditions. Please be aware that some products may take anything up to 8 weeks of daily/twice daily use to show improvements. Generally, the longer the skin condition has been present, the longer it may take to show improvement. Also, we have been told by some that while using our products their skin condition got worse before getting better. This may be due to the ‘clearing out’ process. Our Rose Geranium range has received positive customer feedback for: Eczema, Psoriasis, Itchy Skin, Hormone Balancing, Antiaging, Menopause, PMT, Tension, Sebum balancing for Combination, Oily & Normal skin Feedback Received “Psoriasis gone in one week. A WOW product. Thank you so much” “The Geranium Cleanser AMAZING! I had psoriasis and eczema, Cleared in 2 days” “Superb, my skin is very sensitive to most soaps, but not this one, thanks” “Tremendous reduction in my skin itching after just 2 days use.VERY IMPRESSED”. We also sell Larger 1 litre, and smaller 100ml and 25ml sample versions of this Wash. For best results try using our others products in Range No.2 ‘Rose Geranium’. Follow this link to see our full range of products on Amazon :- http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/browse.html?ie=UTF8&marketplaceID=A1F83G8C2ARO7P&me=A3MN1CIRUE0D1W

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