Whey Protein by Yorkshire Farm (2.4kg) — Organic Oat & Whey Gainer — Natural Whey Protein — Maximize Lean Muscle & Weight Gains — Chocolate Flavour

  • DELICIOUS FLAVORS: Our organic protein comes in a variety of fantastic flavors, including chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.
  • PACKED WITH PROTEIN: With 47 grams of protein per serving, you can bulk up, increase size, and boost power even faster.
  • ALL NATURAL & ORGANIC: Yorkshire Farm formulas are designed using organic oats and whey with low sugar content, high proteins, digestive enzymes and essential amino acids.
  • SUSTAINED ENERGY: Carbohydrates from oats are slow acting, which means they give you a sustained release of energy throughout the day.
  • BULK UP, BUILD LEAN MUSCLE: A perfect balance of essential proteins, nutrients, and enzymes, you can build lean muscle and boost your metabolism throughout your workouts.

Get the sculpted, lean body you’ve been dreaming about with an organic oat and whey gainer developed by Yorkshire Farm.

If you’re looking to reach your maximum physical potential and need a supplement that helps you reach your slow, lean gains, look no further than Yorkshire Farm Natural Foods Co. Oat & Whey Gainer.

Designed to help athletes, weight lifters, power lifters, CrossFit trainers and exercise enthusiasts reach their lean muscle goals, our unique formula helps reinforce your exercise routines with high quality, slow release carbohydrates and powerful protein. Our grounded organic oatmeal is the best source of carbs, whey protein and amino acids that your body needs to reach the highest fitness goals.

Yorkshire Farm Natural Foods Co. Oat & Whey Gainer is the perfect morning shake or post-workout supplement for mass gains and maximum recovery.

Key benefits of our premium natural whey formula:

· Comes in three delicious flavors

· Packed with 47g of protein per serving

· Slow acting, sustainable carb release

· Build lean muscle and strength

· Blend of essential amino acids, slow acting carbohydrates, proteins, and enzymes


Mix four scoops of Oat & Whey Gainer with 500ml of water or milk in a shaker or blender. For optimal results, take 2 to 3 Oat & Whey Gainer shakes per day.

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