(16 oz) Raw Mango Butter with RECIPE EBOOK – Perfect for All Your DIY Home Recipes like Soap Making, Lotion, Shampoo, Lip Balm and Hand Cream – Bulk Organic Unrefined Mango Butter is Great for Scars

  • DON’T BE PERSUADED INTO BUYING OLD, LOW QUALITY MANGO BUTTER! Our Unrefined Bulk Mango Butter is made in India and carries a slight sweet smell. Only 100% pure, chemical and additive free organic Mango Butter delivered to you.
  • GUARANTEED TO BE FRESH! Packaged in a reseal able container, we guarantee you will receive fresh Mango butter that is easy to work with for use in all your DIY lotion, shampoo, lip balms and hand cream recipes.
  • NATURALLY RICH IN VITAMIN A & D! Rich in antioxidants and vitamins A & D, this mango butter is perfect for improving skin tone and elasticity, clearing up scars, decreasing stretch marks and preventing future ones.
  • MAKES SKIN SILKY SMOOTH! Mango butter is used to heal and moisturize skin to help repair environmental damage, combating free radicals and making your skin silky soft.
  • BONUS EBOOK – Included with every purchase, you will receive an Ebook that teaches you about the uses and benefits as well as a few recipes to get you started with your new product! Every Rise ‘N Shine Online product comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. So click the Add to Cart button now and order your own Raw Mango Butter today!


Our 1 lb. (16 oz) Unrefined Bulk Raw Mango Butter is made in India, crushed from the mango kernel leaving the natural healing properties intact. As with most natural fruits, this seed has just as many benefits as the flesh. Typically, the butter is cold-pressed, and is said to be similar to cocoa and shea butters, in that it’s moisturizing without being greasy. This Mango butter has a slight sweet smell and mostly odorless.


Like most fruits, mangoes have a number of health benefits. They’re rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid and are also a good source of fiber. Mango butter has a high concentration of anti-oxidants and has been used for years as an ultimate moisturizer, keeping skin soft and revitalizing your youthfulness while minimizing dryness of the skin. Here are some of the many other ways mango butter benefits skin:

-Promotes collagen production, giving the skin shape and strength.
-Keeps skin firm through healthy cell production and turnover.
-Fades old scars, stretch marks & acne scars.
-Treats dry skin, dry patches, eczema, dermatitis flare-ups and even psoriasis.
-Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
-Treat small wounds like scrapes, cracks and other small wounds.


All this, yet mango butter is gentle on skin, and perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. You can apply it externally to heal and restore your skin, making it more vibrant, elastic and supple than ever before!

The product is also perfect for the creation of all your DIY home recipes like lotions, creams, soaps and lip balms.

Backed by a 30 Day No Hassle, Money Back Guarantee!

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