Allskin Shea Butter unrefined 100% organic skin, raw natural pure grade a+, dry skin, non-refined, whipped, african, for sentitive skin, hair oil, massage, mask, moisturiser,

  • 100 % Organic, unrefined, no chemical, no perfumes,
  • This product is effective in preventing and treating eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, dry skin, dry hands,
  • It is used for hair care as it naturally contains essental vitamins and oils for your hair and skin health.
  • Treat cracked heels, dry hands, stretch marks, nail oil,
  • Ideal for everyone and for those with sensitive skin. It unblocks your nose, used as anti inflamatory, for minor cuts and burns,

Are you interested in an all-natural and organic body care product? Here you go! Our Allskin Shea butter is what you’ve been looking for. Our Allskin Shea butter is smooth and creamy, has all of the natural components of Shea that can offer a lot in the way of skin and hair care. Allskin Shea butter is solid at room temperature but readily melts on contact with the skin for quick absorption. Here are some uses of our Allskin Shea butter: Allskin shea butter moisturizes: The primary use of our pure Shea butter is as a moisturizer for any skin type. It is hypoallergenic; it can assist with symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, cracked and flaky skin, dermatitis, and other chronic dryness. Allskin Shea butter has extremely soothing and healing properties; great for diaper rash, dry heels and elbows, razor burn from shaving Allskin Shea butter; anti stretch mark and inflammation: Our Allskin Shea butter is very effective in preventing scarring and stretch marks! Pregnant women can rub Allskin Shea butter onto their stomachs to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks. Allskin Shea butter is also an excellent moisturizer for the hair: It helps brittle hair regain its softness and elasticity; revitalizes and prevents further breakage of the hair. You can use our Allskin Shea butter treatment in your hair once a week for a healthy hair. Our Allskin unrefined Shea butter has high concentration of antioxidants, healing benefits and natural UV protection.

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