Beet It Sport Stamina Shot Beetroot Juice (Box of 15 x 70ml)

  • 33% higher nitrate content compared to the organic version
  • Speeds up recovery time
  • Increases stamina by 15-20%
  • Increase O2 usage efficiency

Beet it stamina shots are little bursts of concentrated beetroot juice. The BEET IT brand has rapidly established itself as the leading natural source of dietary nitrate – and is already a firm favourite of the UK’s sporting elite, increasingly being adopted by many international sportsmen, women and teams.
The Beet it sports shot is designed to give all the benefits of supplementing with beetroot juice in one quick and portable shot. The sport shot has a natural nitrate content of 0.4g per 7cl shot – equivalent to drinking 500ml of standard beet it beetroot juice.

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