Detox Enema Coffee, 464g – Certified Organic, 100% Natural, FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

  • Purpose roasted and specially ground, certified organic, 100% Robusta coffee.
  • Why Robusta and not Arabica? Because it is higher in the key ingredients that will make your detox successful – caffeine, palmitic acid, and cafestrol. These help stimulate glutathione (‘the mother of all anti-oxidants’) production by up to 700%. Research shows this is critical to successfully detoxing liver, gall bladder, etc.
  • We say ‘purpose roasted’ because this coffee is specially roasted to maximize these important ingredients, in fact there is typically 50% or more of these crucial active ingredients in our special roast.
  • Used by many Gerson Therapy clients and health care practitioners. See the customer testimonials in the Product Description area below.

Here’s what our customers have to say: The pain in my hip bone due to leiomyosarcoma is very much reduced after taking coffee enema, may be internally also it is doing a good job. At present I am 90% pain free and feeling more energetic. Thank you so much! –M.V. I really feel the difference. After the procedure it keeps me energized the whole day. My skin has become toned and feels excellent. –A.N. I am using your coffee for colonic irrigation and it’s wonderful. The best I have ever used! –M.K. Great results, much better than using store bought coffee. I gave a kilo to my health care practitioner and not only did she think it was the highest quality enema coffee she’s ever gotten here in Europe, her patients that used it had very good results too. We will definitely order more. –B.J. Found the coffee fantastic. Have info on my website about it and I will recommend you. Best wishes! –A.C. (holistic health care practitioner) Really good results, thanks! –N.W. (using in conjunction with the Gerson therapy) Clients loving your coffee. –K.C. (holistic health care provider) My hair stopped falling out and the bags under my eyes went away. –M.L. So grateful to your top quality enema coffee to help me heal. –M.K. * * * * * * BEWARE and BE CAREFUL * * * * * THE NAME GAME: Some detox coffees use the word ‘pure’. CALLING SOMETHING “PURE” DOES NOT MEAN IT IS. PURE is simply a marketing term. “Pure coffee” can contain pesticides. How ironic for you to be detoxing while introducing harmful chemicals into your body’s soft tissue! Only use CERTIFIED ORGANIC, containing no harmful toxic pesticides or fungicides. Explanation of Pictures: 1. The package you will receive 2. Inside of the high-barrier bag which keeps the coffee fresh. This isn’t a cheap plastic, foil or paper bag! 3. RobustaHealth purpose roasted coffee looks compared to typical ‘drinking coffee’ 4. Page 1 and 2 of our certified organic certificates

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