Detox Organic Coffee 100g (for coffee enema)

  • 100% natural organic coffee for detoxification
  • highest quality , for liver detoxification
  • Fast soluble in water /Pack 10 g. x10 Sachets
  • for strengthening the immune system and increasing the well-being
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Coffee for detox (enema cleansing). This 100% pure instant enema coffee without burnt beans that can happen with typical drum roasting. This for a deep cleanse of the liver bile ducts. Pure coffee enema cleansing is a great way to detoxify the liver when following doctor advised health routine. Coffee enema open up the bile ducts in the liver allowing for elimination of stored toxins that are the cause of many illnesses. Coffee enema leave you feeling refreshed and energetic. Detox for health. Detox is reduce the toxins from the body. Can be done in several ways, such as a enema clean for the rectal workout by using coffee or lemon juice .. Toxin is occurs naturally. Caused by eat improper diet continuous for a long time. Lower the body’s immune system and weaken our health. The enema cleansing is one of the way that will allow us to remove toxins from the body. How to use: Use coffee 1 sachet boil with water 500cc. then add clean water to 1,000-1500 cc. ready to add to Detoxification bag. Right to use while warm. Temperature about 37 degrees Celsius, or as appropriate.

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