Greens Organic Inulin Supplement

  • An ideal source of organic soluble dietary fibre.
  • Excellent Prebiotic
  • Non GMO, Gluten and lactose free

According to the NHS, fibre has many health benefits. However many of us don’t get enough fibre. The UK average is just 14gm a day and you should aim for at least 18gm per day. a 1 tsp (5gm) serving of Greens Organic Inulin will provide you with about 4.5gm of fibre. Greens Organic Inulin contains zero fat, is high in soluble fibre, is non GMO and is gluten and lactose free. This product meets the Soil Association’s Organic standards.
Ingredients: 100% Pure, Soil Association Certified Organic Inulin

Suggested Use: 5g (1 tsp) daily. Mix with water, juice, a delicious smoothie or sprinkle over food.

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