• Nerdwax
  • Beeswax blend with natural and certified organic ingredients
  • Roll it out, twist and apply to the edges of the bridge of your glasses
  • Prevents your glasses from slipping off
  • Effective, safe, convenient

Do you need to constantly work at your glasses to keep them from slipping off your nose? That familiar irritating, self-conscious gesture that prevents your glasses from exposing your sight to naked reality? All that is in the past with Nerdwax. Nerdwax, is a beeswax that is blended with natural and certified organic ingredients that you apply to the bridge of your spectacles so that they stick comfortably to your nose. It is quick, it is efficient and it is safe! Go cycling in London in the rain and you will learn why Nerdwax is so popular with people who can’t do without their glasses. Buy a stick now and live your life without distraction.

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