Organic Brown Flaxseeds 500g – Linseeds – Linum usitatissimum

  • Organic Brown Flaxseeds 500g – Linseeds – PLANETE AU NATUREL
  • Product of organic farming
  • The seeds of brown flax are used in many recipes. They can be used in multiple preparations, sauces, salads, dishes, desserts, breads, cookies, cakes

Flaxseed keeps very well. It contains in particular two fatty acids whose names are close (and whose root is the word “lin”), linolenic acid (an omega 3) and linoleic acid. The seed is used in animal feed, especially for laying hens whose omega 3 content in eggs is to be increased. Whole grains are also used in bakery, toasted or not, to cover special bread.In human consumption, it can be considered that the whole seeds are very little digest in the sense that they are found intact in the stool thus not assimilated. It is therefore advisable to crush them or to grind them just before consumption so that its components can be assimilated. Whole seeds have a laxative effect, less important if the seeds are ground.

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