Organic Spirulina Powder 500g 1kg or 2kg – Certified Organic by the Soil Association – PINK SUN Bulk Buy

  • Spirulina powder organic 500g certified by the Soil Association
  • Grown outdoors in specialised organic ponds for maximal chlorophyll production
  • Tested to ensure highest quality and purity
  • Completely pure with no fillers, binders or additives, not deodorised
  • Suitable for Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free Diets and Weight Watchers

PINK SUN Pure Spirulina Powder contains essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which may support the immune system. This easily absorbed nutrient rich algae provides 60-70% protein. PINK SUN Pure Spirulina and Pure Chlorella Gold tablets are produced in a natural wilderness on the Mongolian Plateau, an area with plentiful sunlight for photosynthesis and chlorophyll production. This isolated desert environment with natural soda lakes provides nutrient rich ground water which is pumped from 500m below the ground and is an excellent source of clean fresh water for growing nutrient rich algae.

Every batch of Pure Spirulina and Pure Chlorella Gold is tested for heavy metals, microcystins and PAH’s including benzopyrene, so that both PINK SUN spirulina and chlorella products remain clean and pure and of the highest quality. To protect the nutritional value, PINK SUN pure organic spirulina powder has not been deodorised and maintains the distinctive spirulina smell characteristic of high quality protein components.

Strict organic monitoring is in place ensuring the products’ organic integrity and compliance with EU organic standards.

Ingredients: 100% pure certified organic Spirulina Platensis, contains no fillers or binders, Non GM. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Contains Chlorophyll 1600mg; Beta-carotine 160mg.

PINK SUN Ltd are licensed by the Soil Association (DA22232) and provide top quality certified organic products such as raw organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic almond flour, organic coconut flour, organic whey protein powder and more!

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