Organic Valerian Root Powder 500gr – 1.10 Lbs

  • Valerian Organic Root Powder : 500g
  • Organically farmed plant
  • One daily tea spoon, as part of a balanced diet.

Valerian is a perennial flowering plant, with heads of sweetly scented pink or white flowers that bloom in the summer. Valerian flower extracts were used as a perfume in the 16th century. Cats are crazy about its smell. The name “Valerian” comes from “Valere” which means “being well” in latin. Its root contains sovaleric acid, volatil oil, alcaloïds like chatinin orvalenin, tanins, acid acetic and formic, and Valeriana epoxy triester. Its also gives a bad taste to tobacco. Products from organic agriculture FR-BIO-01 Agriculture EU / non-EU SUPPLEMENTS

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