Parker Large Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush with Faux Horn Handle and Stand Plus Taconic Shave Bay Rum Shaving Cream with Organic Oils 118ml Tub

  • Great value shaving brush from Parker paired with an artisan crafted shaving cream from the USA, which is made with organic oils
  • The shaving cream is highly concentrated to create a rich, thick and luxurious shaving lather
  • Made from moisturising cocoa seed butter, organic coconut oil, honey and other natural skin soothing ingredients
  • The brush is packed with soft Pure badger hair bristles and comes with drip stand to help prolong brush life
  • Brush Dimensions: Knot 23.5mm, Length of hair 50mm, Total length 100mm, Base diameter 30mm, Weight 120g

This great value shaving set consists of a top quality shaving brush from Parker Safety Razor and the incredible shaving Taconic Shave shaving cream.

The Brush

This large shaving brush is packed with pure badger hair, unlike many; these bristles are very soft and could be mistaken for best badger hair.

The handle is made from faux horn resin and has a unique design to prevent your fingers from slipping off when in use. It also features the Parker logo on the handle.

Loft: 23.5mm
Length of hair: 50mm
Total length: 100mm
Base diameter: 30mm
Weight: 120g

This brush comes with a drip stand to help the brush dry naturally after use and so help prolong its life.

How to look after your brush and get many years of faithful service from it:
Avoid hot water
Don’t splay the hairs, paint the lather into the bristles
Rinse out after use
Dry off after use
Leave hanging upside down on the stand when not being used

The Shaving Cream

Taconic Shave shaving cream is an artisan made premium shaving cream from the United States of America. It is made with organic oils to create a rich and luxurious shaving lather. The lather will cushion and protect your skin, whilst giving additional glide to the razor, thus reducing irritation when you shave.

This Bay Rum edition is quite unlike any other bay rum shaving cream you may have come across before. It is more of a mix of warm spiced rum and cinnamon spice, with a twist of whisky. It contains real Jamaican rum and bay leaf oil.

This is a highly concentrated shaving cream, so a little will go a long way. You should get several months of shaving from this tub, making it great value.

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