Sevenhills Wholefoods Organic Raw Blueberry Powder 50g

  • Freeze-dried and processed quickly for maximum nutrient retention
  • An exceptional superfood, incredibly high in vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre
  • Raw, processing temperatures remain below 45°C
  • 100% pure, UK Soil Association certified Organic, Vegan Society registered, allergen free, gluten free
  • Sevenhills Wholefoods products are widely recommended by the press, including the BBC Good Food Magazine

Organic Raw Blueberry Powder. The blueberry is a fruit that Sevenhills Wholefoods find growing naturally in Chile, South America. Chile’s clear blue skies, hot days and cool nights are ideal for blueberry growing. This small, blue berry provides a diverse range of micronutrients. Blueberries are considered to be exceptional superfoods, due to their vitamin, mineral and dietary fibre content. Sevenhills Wholefoods’ organic raw blueberry powder is freeze-dried and processed as quickly as possible to retain maximum goodness. Blueberry powder has been known to provide a powerful relief from oxidative-stress cell damage, provided by its antioxidant content. Additional nutrients such as Iron and Copper are also essential for proper red blood cell and haemoglobin formation, oxygen transit, immune system support and healthy maintenance of our brain’s function.

Recommended use: take 1-2 teaspoons of powder per day mixed with juice, a smoothie or a protein shake. Alternatively, add to desserts, baked goods, or sauces.

Why buy from Sevenhills Wholefoods? Sevenhills Wholefoods source Superfoods of the highest quality and the best prices. Working closely with local farmers, ensuring local communities can flourish and in turn improving the lives of the farmers and their families. Sevenhills Wholefoods is committed in supporting a variety of charities worldwide.

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