Stinging Nettle Leaf Tea (Urticae Folium) – Health Embassy – 100% Natural (50g)

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Stinging nettle is a real treasure full of active compounds necessary to proper functioning of our organisms. Experts in herbalism consider it even as a natural antibiotic. Healing properties of Stinging Nettle Leaf Tea Health Embassy Stinging Nettle Leaf Health Embassy has diuretic properties that are irreplaceable in treating nephrolithiasis and other conditions of the urinary system. It supports excretion of harmful substances, such as uric acid deposits. Stinging Nettle Leaf Health Embassy is also helpful, among others, in gout (arthritis). At the same time, it counteracts fluid retention in the organism. Drinking infusions or adding it to salads improves metabolism and increases appetite. The compounds contained in nettle cleanse the digestive system, remove bile deposits and have also a positive effect on pancreas, liver and stomach functioning. Nettle is used in case of diseases of liver and alimentary canal, gastroenteritis and also diarrhoea. Infusion made from Stinging Nettle Leaf Tea Health Embassy for strengthening and not only Pour boiled water over 1-2 teaspoons Stinging Nettle Leaf Tea Health Embassy per glass and steep for 2-3 minutes. Infusion created this way has a preventive effect and is less thick. If brewed for around 10 minutes, it gets a much more intense taste and smell, its diuretic properties are also intensified. The tea should have a light yellow colour with a tinge of green and a strong, acrid and bitter taste. It has a cooling effect but it does not quench thirst. It is recommended to drink the infusion on an empty stomach, once a day and without sugar. The first few glasses may discourage with its distinctive bitter taste but you’ll get used to it quite quickly. You can try to improve the taste of this drink by mixing it with Lemon Balm Tea Health Embassy or Stevia Powder Health Embassy. The infusion can be also used for mouth rinsing. In case of treatment, the daily amount of cups of tea made from Stinging Nettle Leaf

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