Green Coffee Bean Extract, 1600mg Per Daily Serving is the Highest Strength Available on Amazon, Premium Fat Burner and Weight Loss Supplement to Lose Weight and Burn Fat Fast- 60 Capsules

  • PROVEN TO HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT. Green Coffee Bean Extract has been proven in tests to reduce appetite, burn fat, increase metabolism and help you lose weight 3x faster than traditional methods.
  • EAT LESS WITHOUT BEING HUNGRY! It inhibits the release of glucose in your body which reduces hunger and controls food cravings. It has helped thousands of people around the world naturally lose weight
  • THE HOLY GRAIL OF WEIGHT LOSS! A famous TV Dr says Green Coffee safely boosts your metabolism to lose weight! Rid yourself of unwanted belly fat without side effects. Claim that sexy body back!
  • HIGH STRENGTH! Our new premium formula was developed under strict GMP guidelines in the USA. It contains 50% Chlorogenic acid to help you achieve maximum weight loss. No artificial ingredients.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY! Our Green Coffee is made in the USA in GMP certified facilities. It passed strict tests applied by the government. We’re confident you’ll love it, and offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Premium Strength Green Coffee Bean Extract for Maximum Weight Loss!

Our Green Coffee Bean is clinically formulated to help you lose weight quickly and safely. We use the maximum dosage of 50% Chlorogenic Acid which is the magic ingredient that boosts weight loss.

Clinically Proven!

The U.S. National Library of Medicine conducted a placebo controlled clinical study in 2012 that looked at the effectiveness of Green Coffee Bean Extract. The results were impressive with participants who took green coffee bean extract losing 17 pounds while making no other changes to their diet or exercise. With no side effects they lost on average 16% of their body fat and 10% of their body mass.

How Is It Possible to Lose 16% Body Fat Without Dieting?

The magic ingredient in Green Coffee is Chlorogenic Acid which slows the release of glucose into the body while boosting the metabolism and burning fat in the Liver.

This powerful combination is thought to be the secret to the weight loss thousands of people have achieved.

What Are People Saying About it?

The world renowned Doctor and TV personality said this about Green Coffee Bean Extract:

“You may think that magic is make believe, but this little bean has scientist saying they found the magic weight loss cure for every body type.”

Lose Weight at No Risk!

We are so confident that you will love it that we give you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose except Weight!

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Health Aid CoffeeSlim Green Coffee Bean Extract, 60 Vegan Capsules

  • Helps to suppresses appetite
  • Helps boost metabolism
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Believed to slow down the release of glucose into the blood stream
  • Designed for healthy weight management

HealthAid CoffeeSlim is new weight management supplement with essential ingredients, such as Green Coffee Bean Extract, which is known to regulate fat absorption and also maintain healthy metabolism. The Chlorogenic Acid found in Green Coffee is believed to slow down the release of glucose into the blood stream, particularly after meals, thereby aiding weight loss. It assists in the function of weight loss by increasing the level of body heat that is produced, thus promoting thermogenesis, the natural burning of fat for energy. It is also believed that Chlorogenic Acid helps to reduce the generation of new fat cells due to its superior anti-oxidant effects. Raspberry Ketones, encourage metabolism and the burning of stubborn fat. Green Tea contributes to fat oxidation and glucose metabolism. African Mango Seed contains Leptin, which is a protein hormone that influences metabolism and therefore weight gain/weight loss. CoffeeSlim has the additional benefit of Blueberry Extract, Cayenne Pepper and Chicory Root which are also known to be effective fat burning ingredients. HealthAid CoffeeSlim capsules are the highest potency, purest Green Coffee Bean Extract weight loss supplement, designed for healthy weight management

What are CoffeeSlim capsules for?
* Helps the body metabolise sugar and fat.
* Suppresses appetite.
* Helps boost metabolism.
* Boosts energy levels.
* Helps maintain healthy bloody sugar levels.

Who are CoffeeSlim capsules for?
* People who wish to accelerate their metabolism.
* People following a calorie controlled diet
* People who wish to balance their blood sugar levels.
* Those wanting to tone and maintain a healthy lean body.
* People who experience constant sugar cravings.
* People who wish to prevent accumulation of free radicals that lead to oxidative stress.
* People who wish to achieve a healthy body weight, together with a varied diet.


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Green Coffee Bean – Ground – 100% Natural – Health Embassy 250g

  • 100% Natural product without any additives
  • highest quality – Health Embassy
  • organic
  • 250g net product value

I do not know if you know, but green tea is simply raw coffee beans. Precisely because the coffee was not burned, has a special health properties. How, then, properly brew green coffee? First of all, we must first buy a cup of coffee. Where? Of course, in the wide offer of Health Embassy available online or reputable health food stores. Coffee beans must be of the highest quality. To buy both whole grains as well as already prepared the ground coffee. As to the whole grains, then we have a problem with their grinding. They are very hard, so you first have to break them in a mortar, and then grind in the mill.

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