Best Daily Organic & Vegan Multivitamin – 26 Essential Whole Food Organic Superfood Fruits, Vegetables & Minerals for Complete Daily Multi Vitamin Nutrition + Digestive Enzymes (30-Day Supply)

  • ESSENTIAL NUTRITION from 26 certified organic superfood fruits and veggies
  • MULTI VITAMIN and mineral support from plants, never isolates or artificial
  • ADVANCED ANTIOXIDANTS support heart, brain and eye health
  • MULTI SYSTEM SUPERFOODS for digestion, immunity, and blood sugar support
  • Certified organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, nothing artificial, and only 3 capsules a day

Certified Organic Essential Nutrition
With 26 organic superfoods sourced from berries, citrus, grapes, green tea, leafy greens, and medicinal mushrooms, Essentials delivers complete wholefood nutrition in its most natural form.

Natural Vitamins & Minerals
Vitamins and minerals are essential for every cell in the body, but did you know almost all multivitamins use artificial vitamins?

These “fake” vitamins are made with petrochemical derivatives and toxic solvents. In isolate form, they are poorly absorbed. That’s why most multivitamins just pass right through!

Vitamins and minerals from plants have phytonutrients that make them fully bioavailable to the body.

Watch out for fakes! Some supplements add a sprinkling of whole foods and then spike their formulas with artificial vitamins. Others include vitamins grown in yeast, which lack phytonutrients for absorption.

Advanced Antioxidants for Heart, Brain and Eyes
We include antioxidants to support the health of your heart, brain and eyes.

Get heart healthy resveratrol (red grapes), essential fatty acids (acai, mango) and polyphenols (green tea). The brain gets a boost with anthocyanins from blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. The eyes shine from lutein and beta-carotene (sweet potatoes).

Superfoods for Multi System Support
Essentials includes organic superfoods for multi system support.

Aloe vera and cinnamon help support balanced blood glucose levels. Immune health is supported with 3 types of mushroom and vitamin C (acerola).Digestive health gets a boost from sulforaphane (broccoli sprouts), a prebiotic (Jerusalem artichoke) and digestive enzymes and aloe vera support nutrient absorption.

Only Goodness Inside
All the fruits and veggies in Essentials are certified organic; every ingredient is non-GMO, with NO artificial ingredients.

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Health Plus Turmeric Plus Joint and Digestive Plant Supplement – 30 Capsules

  • A high strength combination of key herbs and spices to help maintain joint and digestive health
  • 10,000mg Turmeric combined with Ginger Root, Bromelain and Black Pepper (Piperine) to greatly improve absorption and bioavailability
  • High in Curcumin to help prevent the symptoms of IBS and act as a natural soother!
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • 30 capsules

30 VCaps of this advanced combination of Turmeric (Curcumin), Ginger Root, Bromelain and Black Pepper, to help relieve joint pain and improve digestive health, soothing many symptoms of IBS. Free from sugar, lactose, yeast, gluten and wheat.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Turmeric was prescribed for treatment of many conditions, including poor vision, rheumatic pains, and coughs. The active constituent, known as curcumin has been shown to have a wide range of therapeutic actions; it protects against free radical damage, reduces inflammation by lowering histamine levels, protects the liver from a number of toxic compounds and has been shown to reduce platelets from clumping together, which in turn improves circulation and may help protect against atherosclerosis. A preliminary trial in people with rheumatoid arthritis found curcumin to be somewhat useful for reducing inflammation and symptoms such as pain and stiffness.

Bromelain is a plant based enzyme and has been shown to help significantly in wound healing, sprains, strains, tendonitus and urinary tract infections. It’s anti-inflammatory action has also been asscoiated with arthritis and low back pain.

Ginger is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine and has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2,500 years, as a digestive and inflammatory treatment. The active constituents of ginger are also responsible for its characteristic odour and taste, with the most abundant and commonly known of these being called gingerols.

Piperine is the alkaloid responsible for the pungency of black pepper and has been used for over 6,000 years for proper digestive health, but has more recently now been shown to increase the absorption of other herb and spice nutrients.

Turmeric Plus combines key herbs and spices to help maintain joint health and digestive health also helping prevent the symptoms of IBS and act as a natural soother!

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Kids Multi Vitamin and Mineral Advanced Wholefood Dietary Supplement with Digestive Enzymes, Antioxidants, Fruits & Greens – Organic, Vegan, Non GMO, Sugar and Gluten Free – Delicious Liquid for Better Absorption- 473 ml (16 fl Oz)

  • Hearts and Minds Pure Kids Multi is one of the best children’s liquid multivitamin and mineral supplements
  • It is specially formulated with whole-foods to contain a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and enzymes to meet your child’s daily needs
  • It is an advanced formula liquid supplement for kids, which is vegetarian, gluten-free, sugar-free and non-GMO, with just about everything in it that a child could possibly need. And it tastes good too!
  • This nutritional formula is designed to safely support the natural growth and development of children without the fuss of trying to swallow a difficult pill or the worry of them chewing on high sugar content gummies
  • Hearts and Minds Kids Multi is designed for children one year of age and upwards

This comprehensive dietary supplement from Hearts and Minds Pure Health contains perhaps the richest source of bio-available whole-food liquid vitamins for kids that science and nature have to offer. It is specially formulated to contain a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and enzymes to meet your child’s daily needs. The great tasting formula is designed to safely support the natural growth and development of children without the fuss of trying to swallow a difficult pill or the worry of them chewing on ridiculously high sugar content gummies.

This product is vegetarian and non-GMO It contains no artificial sweeteners or flavors, sugar, starch, salt, wheat, gluten, yeast or milk derivatives. The dosage is flexible to be suitable for different ages of children and can be taken from a spoon or added to juice or smoothies.

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