Detox Organic Green Coffee 300g, set for home usage incl. irrigator (for coffee enema)

  • complete set for home usage incl. instructions
  • 100% natural organic green coffee for detoxification in highest quality
  • coffee enemas can be done at home in an easy and comfortable way
  • for liver detoxification
  • for strengthening the immune system and increasing the well-being

The set for home usage comprises: 1x 300g pack of Detox Organic Green Coffee, 1x irrigator-set (a 1 l bowl, a hose, an enema tube, a closing valve and instructions), 1x instructions in English on how to do a coffee enema. Using this set, coffee enemas can be done at home in an easy and comfortable way. Detox Organic Green Coffee is produced from selected green coffee beans of the highest quality. These coffee beans come from certified organic cultivation and are subject to strict quality controls. (EU Regulation (EC) no. 834/2007). Our product is pure granules, free from fine particles. This product quality is delivered thanks to a specially developed production process split into different manufacturing stages. Our gentle manufacturing process helps to preserve the valuable ingredients of green coffee. We work without additives. Detox Organic Green Coffee is a 100% pure natural product of the highest quality. Further information can be found in the attached instructions in English. Important note: Before you decide to conduct detoxification with Detox Organic Green Coffee, please consult your doctor or non-medical practitioner. This information sheet does not replace a medical consultation. Pregnant women and children shall not conduct an enema.

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ENEMA Coffee BEST Coffee For Enema – 1lb Bag (453.592g) – 100% Organic Green Beans Finely Ground – *FREE* Detox Recipe – Gerson Approve

  • 100% USDA Certified Organic – No Mold or Fungus – Shade Grown
  • THE HIGH LEVELS of Caffeine – Palmitic Acid Needed For Optimal Detox
  • LONG LASTING PREMIUM BLEND – Finely ground – You Only Have To Use 3 Tablespoons NOT 4 Like Other Coffees
  • COFFEE BEANS Has Been picked by Independent Farmers for the Purpose of Liver DETOX – Premium Ground
  • YOU NEED THIS Coffee Because It’s the Best of The BEST..

Therapy Coffee for Detox and Cleanse Purposes. This Gold Roast coffee has been blended for the high levels of Caffeine, and the very important Palmitic Acid in mind. Cor-Vital Enema Coffee is 100% non-carcinogenic! That is why we believe our enema coffee is the cleanest and safest choice. Remember, Your Detox Is Only As Good As The Coffee You Choose. Try It Today.

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BEST Coffee Enema “The Try it Now” Kit – Gerson – FREE Detox Recipe FREE eBook The Little Enema Revised – 1/2 lb Green Organic Coffee – Transparent ReUsable Bucket w/Reinforced Handles BONUS Pink Tube

  • SEE THROUGH Graduated Bucket BPA FREE With One Handed Clasp – Lubricated Tip for Comfort.
  • TRIAL HALF POUND Detox 100% Organic Therapy Coffee – The Best of the Best
  • **FREE** eBook – HELPFUL for BEGINNERS – The Little Enema eBook
  • FULL INSTRUCTIONS On How To Make This Beneficial Detox Coffee – There IS NO Better.

This beginners starter kit is ideal for the “curious” coffee enema user. If you want to give this a try then this is the kit for you – Lots of beneficial information provided for you in our Newly Updated The Little Enema E-Book – All Medical grade products. Organic Coffee with the highest levels of Caffeine and Palmitic Acid – There is NO better DETOX coffee than this.

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