Caring Panda – Reusable Bamboo Cloth Sanitary Pads – MEDIUM FLOW – Washable Cloth Menstrual Napkins Premium Bamboo Quality – 5Pack Flower Pattern – Charcoal Layer to Avoid Leaks, Odors and Blood Stains (Medium, 23cm / 9inches, Flower Field)

  • Made from SUPER SOFT & ABSORBENT BAMBOO, to keep you feeling fresh for longer
  • FEEL SECURE – the waterproof PUL outer layer and comfort of the softer, cotton microfleece layers against your delicate areas. FOLDS into rectangle for discreet carrying when out and about, unfolded length 24cm x 7cm (main pad) plus wings
  • NO CHEMICALS, no toxins, no waste, so eco friendly AND wallet friendly too
  • CHARCOAL BAMBOO LAYERS of these cloth menstrual pads is soft with maximum absorbency. Eco Moms love the Caring Panda cloth pads like they love cloth diapers. Not only great at soaking up liquid, odors are neutralized. Charcoal color inner is more forgiving of stains.
  • FEEL GOOD about avoiding wasted money and landfill junk (typically 22 tampons/ sanitary pads are used per month!). Over a lifetime that is a HUGE saving compared to reusable, washable cloth sanitary pads.

Caring Panda’s Cloth Sanitary Pads from Caring Panda.
Caring Panda Cloth Sanitary Pads are an eco-friendly, healthier, more cost effective alternative to disposable pads.
For those new to cloth sanitary pads (csp) the concept can be a little “Ew!” but to be honest using cloth as opposed to disposables is more comfortable.
Because they are so much more absorbent, moisture is drawn into the pad, leaving you feeling fresher for longer.
Disposable pads can contain lots of toxic chemicals, dioxins, and gels to enable them to be absorbent, which can lead to sensitive skin, irritation and rash.
Bamboo, however, has a natural antibacterial quality and because it allows your skin to breath, can potentially reduce the risk of yeast infections and discomfort.
Of course, it goes without saying that cloth pads will cost a fraction of what you would be spending on disposables each month which just end up sitting in the landfill!
This is a pack of 5.

These menstrual pads will save a lot of landfill space and your money.

Key points:
The suction ability will gain it’s peak after ca. 10 washing cycles.
Do NOT wash these bamboo panty liners with washing powder that includes zeolite or any fabric softener of perfumes as they will destroy the PUL-fabric and the suction ability of the natural fibres.
Outer Shell: 100% polyester with PUL waterproof fabric, which prevents leakage
Inner: Antibacterial eco-organic bamboo for utmost absorption and safety. One to Three layers, depending on the selected size (S=1, M=2, L=3).
Middle: Charcoal-Microfiber fiber against ladies skin – provides maximum comfort and feels dry longer
Wash your Caring Panda sanitary cloth pads prior to first use.

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Cannaliz Swiss Hemp Vape Cartridge ´ACTIV´ 7% (56mg) with Organic Coffee Extract and Organic Hemp Flower Extract – Vape Pen E-Liquid Cartridge – 0.8ml

  • Contains a Whopping 56mg (7%) of Hemp per 0.8ml Cartridge
  • Organic Hemp Flower Extract & Organic Coffee Extract
  • 0.8ml Cartridge with a Capacity of Approximately 300 Puffs
  • Full Extract Containing Many Other Compounds and Terpenes
  • This Product Does NOT Contain Nicotine

Cannaliz® ´ACTIV´ 7% (56mg) Vaping Cartridge

The Swiss made ‘ACTIV’ 0.8ml cartridge form Cannaliz® contains e-Liquid with 56mg (7%) Hemp extracted from Organic hemp Flower extract combined with an organic coffee extract

With “ACTIV” the range of terpenes and sequiterpenes (essential oils) are preserved, maximizing their synergies and wide spectrum of action.

With a capacity of about 300 puffs, these small atomizers are designed by experts for very greasy fluids, which is the case with Hemp Oil. The cartridge used in the Cannaliz Vape Pen is specifically designed for eliquids containing particularly dense hemp extracts.

The thickness of this eliquid is due to the many compounds and terpenes it contains, while the small capacity of these cartridges ensure a better inhale when used in conjunction with the Cannaliz® battery (280 mAh, 3.3V), with an amperage and voltage lower than the traditional models of e-cigs and adapted to suit these special cartridges containing hemp.

Cannaliz® is produced from hemp grown in Switzerland by applying permaculture, which fully respects the conditions of natural growth; a ‘wild’ mode, therefore it is very rich in active substances (terpenes and sesquiterpenes), compared to most hemp from commercially grown industrial hemp.

Instructions & Guidance

Inhale for 3 seconds, and hold the vapour for 3 seconds.

Breathe deeply and calmly, which will ensure a good assimilation of the product and a good oxygenation of the body.

It is recommended to slightly shake the cartridge in order to make sure the fluid is homogeneous, as it contains natural extract of hemp.

Cartridge best used with a Cannaliz® Battery. Store away from sunlight, heat and humidity.


Organic hemp flower extract, Organic PG (USP)

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