Green Coffee Bean – Ground – 100% Natural – Health Embassy 250g

  • 100% Natural product without any additives
  • highest quality – Health Embassy
  • organic
  • 250g net product value

I do not know if you know, but green tea is simply raw coffee beans. Precisely because the coffee was not burned, has a special health properties. How, then, properly brew green coffee? First of all, we must first buy a cup of coffee. Where? Of course, in the wide offer of Health Embassy available online or reputable health food stores. Coffee beans must be of the highest quality. To buy both whole grains as well as already prepared the ground coffee. As to the whole grains, then we have a problem with their grinding. They are very hard, so you first have to break them in a mortar, and then grind in the mill.

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Atlantic Kelp Dried and Ground Seaweed Organic 120 g

  • Dried & Ground Seaweed Organic
  • 1 x 120g

Dried, mill ground organic Seaweed. Seaweed has long been considered an integral part of a healthy diet in Asia. It is also a natural flavour enhancer, being a rich source of glutamic acid “Umami” (the 5th taste). Perfect for fish, meat and vegetable dishes. Simply add a level of teaspoon of Organic Seaweed to your soups, bologneses, stews and chillies whilst.

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