A’kin Rosehip & Shea Intensive Moisture Anti-oxidant Complex 50ml

  • For very dry skin needing extra care., Brightening, soothing, revitalising., With vitamins A, B5 and E, avocado, olive and omega 9, 3 and 6 essential fatty acids.
  • 50ml

This deeply nourishing and antioxidant rich crème combines certified Organic Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil & powerful antioxidants to help replenish, repair and intensely hydrate the skin. Vitamin E and Provitamin A work together to help protect the skin from signs of ageing throughout the day. Use morning and night as a vital part of your natural skin care routine, specifically for dry skin. Paraben and Sulfate free Skin Type: Dry skin Very Dry Skin Sensitive skin Mature skin Ideal For: Helping to intensively hydrate and replenish skin Helping to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Revitalised, healthy looking skin Active Ingredients: Certifies Organic Rosehip Oil – natural source of essential fatty acids Certified organic Shea butter – deeply nourishes, hydrates and strengthens skins barrier Australian Avocado Oil – rich in vitamins A, B5 and E Aloe barbadensis leaf juice – to calm and soothe dehydrated skin To use: Morning & evening, massage into facial skin after cleansing. Ideal to use with A’kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil.

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Tiana Organic Argan Coconut Intensive Hair Treatment 100ml

  • No chemicals or additives and water
  • Highest quality ingredients for hair
  • Gives you replenished hair ensuring manageable, undamaged and hydrated hair
  • Your hair will feel the softest and silkiest with a lovely glossy shine
  • 100 percent organic and fairtrade

TIANA Argan Fresh Coconut TLC Intensive Coconut Oil for Hair Treatment from TIANA Beauty Sensations Range

The benefits of using [coconut oil] for hair are well known for their moisturising and nourishing properties, for keeping hair strong and healthy; and same with Argan oil. But what if to use them together for hair conditioning to combine the benefits of both gorgeous products? If you mix them, you will get TIANA Argan Fresh Coconut TLC – the UK’s finest blend of Coconut and [Argan Oils] for intensive hair treatment.

TIANA Beauty Sensations [Argan Coconut Oil] for Hair Intensive Treatment is certified 100% Organic and Fair Trade, consisting only of the highest quality ingredients for hair, such as a selection of organic virgin cold pressed coconut oils and butter especially produced for beauty, and also organic virgin cold pressed Argan oil. They contain valuable Lauric acid, Capric acid and Caprylic acid that possess anti-bacterial properties, and Vitamin E, essential for the healthiness of hair. They also contain tocopherol and Linoleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid of the Omega-6 series. high γ-Tocopherol (gamma tocopherol) which protects against free radicals and limit oxidative damage. It is known, that the free radical theory of ageing states that organisms age because cells accumulate free radical damage over time.

Nothing else is added, no chemicals, no additives, no water, it was not tested on animals so [100% cruelty-free].

TIANA Argan Fresh Coconut TLC is the first ever product to combine these highly effective hair oils. It has been specially created to moisturise, condition and repair dry, coloured and damaged hair or against dandruff, using a unique combination of intensive Coconut and Argan oil conditioner.

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Mama Nature of London Tiny Troubles Natural Intensive Healing Salve 100ml

  • Effective & proven natural baby skin care product – A Mama Nature product is sold every 72 seconds.
  • Recommended by Dermatologists, Midwives & Health Visitors.
  • Finest quality natural & organic ingredients. Contains no harsh chemicals.
  • Prepared by hand
  • Eco-friendly

We know that natural is best and our unique range of skin care recipes have been especially formulated to harness the magic that Mother Nature’s larder has to offer. Tiny Troubles Natural Intensive Healing Salve by is lovingly hand prepared to order by our experienced team of natural skin care specialists JUST FOR YOU! It contains calendula infused sweet almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax and a unique blend of essential oils. This salve is great for diaper rash,eczema,psoriasis,rosacea,extremely dry, cracked, chapped, rough, flaky skin, cuts, grazes, sores, wounds, blisters and minor burns. It can be also be used by sensitive adults. The ingredients contained in our unique formula have been effectively used for centuries to heal troublesome skin and this salve is excellent at repelling and locking in moisture. It is similar to petroleum jelly in this respect but in addition it is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory therefore it has far superior healing qualities. It is a great natural alternative to steroid creams, other prescribed/otc creams, creams packed with harsh chemicals/nasties and barrier creams such as petroleum jelly. It can be used regularly on a daily basis, is completely safe and has no known side effects.
We care passionately about our natural environment and this is reflected in our products and packaging. All orders will be sent in recycled padded envelopes/cardboard boxes (depending on the size of the order) and the external packaging and inserts are made from recycled cardboard/paper. We have used plastic containers since they are more eco-friendly than glass ones and all of the packaging can be recycled.

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