Shave oil, Ellu Pure Pre Shave oil and Post Shave oil, Best Natural shaving oil for sensitive skin. Protects, Nourishes, Soothes. Exceptional all-in-one shaving care naturally packed full of vitamin E. Helps prevent shaving rash and dry skin. Unique Pre & Post Shave Oil for men.

  • ORGANIC, NATURAL PRE & POST SHAVE OIL – Sesame Oil Nourishes Skin – Protects, Deep Cleanses, Moisturises, Revitalises, Protects, healths and Defies Aging! Defying. Soft, Smooth, Glowing Skin. Great smell lasting all day!!
  • LOOK & FEEL GREAT – Exceptional all-in-one oil provides an amazing Barrier, Protects your skin as you shave and nourishes it afterwards. Detoxify and regenerate skin, prevent razor burn and inflammations. A repair kit to give good health to your skin.
  • ALL NATURAL, ORGANIC INGREDIENTS – Only the purest organic Odourless Sesame Oil and a few drops of Essential oils. Gives skin a blast of essential vitamins and other nutrients to promote healthy skin and keep you looking your best!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Try a bottle risk-free. If you don’t absolutely love it, we’ll give you 100% of your money back – guaranteed! We want to make sure that you’re completely thrilled with our product, so we stand behind it 100%!

Prepares, protects and replenishes your skin during and after your shave. Having healthy, smooth skin will do wonders for helping you make a great impression. Don’t trust your skin’s health to just any or numerous products! Ellu Pure Pre & Post Shave Oil keeps your skin care simple and pure. Our Oil creates a barrier for shaving, moisturises as it nourishes, protects as it cleanses, making it an ideal choice for your everyday shaving and skin care regime. Sesame Oil is Naturally packed full of vitamins E, K and B6, magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, zinc and essential fatty acids. It absorbs in very easily. It’s naturally antibacterial and calms inflammation. GREAT FOR MEN & WOMEN! Experience a great shave…smooth, protected, clean looking skin. Check out Ellu Pure’s other gorgeous oils for skin care and massage. GET YOUR ELLU PURE SUPPLY NOW! Why worry about shaving and the health and condition of your skin, when you can have the smoothest, cleanest shave, as well as the healthiest, clearest, most great-smelling skin? Order your supply now, while supplies are available! MADE WITH CARE IN THE UK – All our products are made in an approved facility right here in the UK, so you know Ellu Pure is a Brand you can trust!

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Shampoo with Organic Rosehip Oil – All Types of Hair – Protects, Moisturises, Strengthens, Seals Hair Shaft to Prevent Damage – 200ml

  • Shampoo with organic Rosehip oil suitable for all hair types.
  • Protects, moisturizes and strengthens hair and hair roots.
  • Seals hair structure and helps prevent damage caused by hair colorants, heat treatments etc.
  • Restores elasticity & shine, nourishes hair & removes pollutants
  • Rebalances the scalp, encouraging healthy skin.

Milva Shampoo containing organic rose hip oil strengthens hair roots, seals the hair structure, helps minimize damage caused by dyeing, heat treatment, etc. The shampoo nourishes and softens the hair, restores natural elasticity and shine, helps to remove polluting elements that cause hair to become ‘exhausted’ and brittle. Rosehip Oil is a natural moisturizer which protects the hair and easily penetrates the scalp to restore skin-moisture balance. It is a highly renowned organic treatment for hair problems including dandruff, dry and damaged hair. Various studies have proven that rose-hip oil has regenerative properties that benefit the scalp and hair alike. Rose-hip oil contains several nutrients including Vitamin A or Retinol, Omega 6 or Linoleic Acid, Omega 9 or Oleic Acid, Lycopene (a highly-effective antioxidant), Beta-Carotene (a good source of pro-Vitamin A) and natural Vitamin C. The shampoo is suitable for all hair types. Organic Rosehip Oil Shampoo from Milva is pH neutral, and does not contain parabens, mineral oils or known allergens. Milva products contain the maximum amount of natural components: from 84.4% to 98.2%. Country of origin: Bulgaria

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ACARAA WOMENS After Shave Balm, 1x100ml | Cools, Cares and Smooths Stressed Skin | To Prevent: Shaving Brand, Ingrown Hair and Pimple Creation | For: Armpit, Legs and Genital Area | Fresh Fragrance | High-quality Oils for Perfect Protection: Cacay Oil, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil | Natural Cosmetics | Branded Product from Germany

  • FIGHTS SHAVING RASH / INGROWN HAIRS / REDNESS – ACARAA Natural Aftershave Balm soothes your skin and restores its natural health after shaving.
  • EFFECTIVE AFTER SHAVING / WAXING / EPLIATON – developed by dermatologists specifically for the skin on your legs, under your arms and around your bikini line. Natural vitamins have the same effect as panthenol.
  • CACAY OIL – The skincare miracle of the Brazilian Amazon area. The latest massive craze from the USA! Medically proven: With the help of its 50% more vitamin E and vitamin B compared to Argan Oil, Cacay Oil opens and soothes stressed hair follicles.
  • POWERFUL INGREDIENTS COMBAT IRRITATION- with added: 1) Argan Oil for increased hydration and elasticity of the skin, 2) Almond Oil for deep care (it transports nourishment under the skin) and 3) Jojoba Oil for long lasting protection.
  • TRULY NATURAL COSMETICS WITH A FRESH SCENT – all ACARAA® products are produced without any chemical additives and contain no parabens, no silicone, and no mineral oils. The natural scent is fresh and invigorating when you apply it. No synthetic perfumes.

Effect: Protect your skin with ACARAA® After Shave Balm. Your skin is stressed, red, and irritated after shaving? You constantly suffer shaving rashes and ingrown hair? Developed by dermatologists; and created using the best oils worldwide. – Start your journey towards a healthier and younger looking skin after shaving now

ACARAA Aftershave Balm is based on Cacay Oil. Sustainably harvested from the fruit of cacay trees deep inside the Amazon rainforest, cacay oil is packed with regenerative agents like Vitamin E and A, retinol, and linoleic acid that are clinically shown to deeply nourish skin, heal scars, and reverse the signs of aging.

Furthermore the balm contains Almond Oil, which gently moisturises without irritating the skin. Its natural nutrients are readily absorbed into the opened pores and fight any potential infection. Jojoba Oil has been used for centuries to re-moisturise damaged hair, avoid excess greasiness and to lock in moisture. It functions like a natural, protective shield against drying and external attacks against your skin. Argan Oil contains natural fatty acids and vitamin E. Those soften your skin and make it elastic.

When you apply the balm after shaving, you experience the pleasure of its refreshing and pleasantscent, which also has a cooling effect. Smell the far away world of our oils right in your own bathroom. Thanks to the practical pump dispenser you can dose the balm perfectly for your legs, under your arms and your bikini line.

Ingredients:100% natural ingredients without added chemicals. FREE OF: Parabens, silicone, mineral oils, perfumes, propylene glycol. Not tested on animals. All oils are cold-pressed and perfectly protected against sunlight in brown glass

You found the perfect present for your loved ones – ACARAA®, one of the most beautiful gift ideas.

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