Cocofina Organic Coconut Amino – Alternative to Soy Sauce 250ml

  • Simply use it instead of soy sauce in stir-frys, salad dressing or marinade
  • It tastes great sprinkled on soups, vegetables, meats and fish
  • It can also be used to season sauces and gravy
  • Organic and natural

Cocofina Organic Coconut Amino is a healthy and naturally gluten free substitute to soy sauce. Coconut aminos is the ideal option for gluten intolerant, those watching their salt intake or allergic to soya. Coconut aminos is a sauce made by fermenting and aging coconut vinegar, coconut nectar, onions, garlic and salt. Allergens: None Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans. Keep me in a cool place, refrigeration is not necessary until opened. This Organic Coconut Amino is perfect to use instead of soy sauce in stir-frys, salad dressing or marinades.

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Organic Amino Sauce – Teriyaki style – 150ml – THE COCONUT COMPANY

  • Gluten-free, Soy-free, MSG-free & Organic Teriyaki Sauce from Coconut Sap
  • Made from raw coconut sap, with coconut nectar, ginger & sea salt
  • 100% natural, no preservatives. Vegan Approved!
  • Fabulously tasty natural alternative to Teriyaki sauce with a good ginger kick!
  • Bursting with Amino Acids, vitamins & minerals

A delicious and flavoursome all-natural Japanese style teriyaki sauce made from raw coconut sap.

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