Tiddley Pom Organic Baby Wash 200ml – with English Essential Oils, Chamomile and Aloe Vera

  • MADE FROM SPECIAL BLEND OF ENGLISH ESSENTIAL OILS; chamomile and lavender oils relax and calm baby
  • CAREFULLY BLENDED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS; safely soothes and protects skin leaving it soft and clean
  • CLEANSING INGREDIENT USED IS LAURYL BETAINE; mildly removes oil based dirt and debris from skin
  • FORMULATED BY BABY SKIN CARE EXPERTS FROM THE UK; sourced by best growers; recommended by mums

Moisturise and soften your babys skin naturally. The baby skin experts at Tiddley Pom have formulated a liquid organic baby wash that refreshes and protects babies skin. A precise blend of gentle and nourishing ingredients results in healthy skin for your child. We use only mild and vegetable derived cleansing agents which soothe as well as clean.

Our baby wash contains aloe Vera juice powder which has both soothing and antioxidant qualities. Aloe Vera has some healing properties and is often used for soothing burns, minor wounds, and rashes. It can also help relieve itching from a bug bite. It has a high water content which assists in hydrating, moisturising, and rejuvenating the skin keeping your baby soft.

The unique properties found in lavender and chamomile essential oils also protect and soothe sensitive skin. Chamomile is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, bactericidal and sedative. It is also one of the most gentle essential oils so perfect for babies sensitive skin. Lavender is known for it is calming and relaxing qualities as well as its pleasant fragrance.

After many years of experience in the skincare and cosmetic industries, Tiddley Pom was founded to provide a new level of natural baby skincare products. Our baby wash is one of the organic baby products we offer. It uses Soil Association Certified ingredients which means it is safer to use. We only buy from the best growers for our natural ingredients. SLS and Paraben Free.

Bond with your baby whilst you provide a calming and relaxing experience for your child. Help make bathing an enjoyable activity for your new addition. Baby will start looking forward to baths instead of fighting them. It is relaxing for the child and for mum and dad too!

Created by experts, approved by professionals and recommended by mums

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