”There are no laws requiring you to undertake OH Assessments …. but that doesn’t stop your process being unreasonable, discriminatory or unfair.”

Why Ohuk?

OH Assessments are a MUST for HR Professionals in an increasing number of situations including ;

  1. Return to Work
  2. Long term or frequent spordic sickness
  3. Refusal to attend a formal or informal meeting
  4. Capablity issues
  5. Stress at work
  6. Changes in employee behaviour
  7. Disclosure of a Disability or start of a new role


OH Assessments protect HR professionals (by only when carried out correctly)


The majority of OH Assessments arent cause more issues than the solve and completely miss the point

“Its about asking the right questions”

Why was OHUK created?

OH Assessments are crucial to the success of HR Professionals. But the problem is you cant just use any OH Assessment. Using the wrong OH Assessment (the tick box reports or 10 pages of templated or standardised questions don’t work – they make a bad situation worse by putting in place meaningless or impossible adjustments that don’t help or answer the questions you have). This is why OH UK was created. We are a unique partnership of HR Experts who set out the questions to instruct OH specialists for you. We are the only independent OH company to offer this service. HR Professionals don’t have medical knowledge – we therefore cant make medical decisions